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It's time to start putting out the hit songs of summer to get you into a good mood! Decided to let this one out a little early....hope you like! So many warm memories....

I have been trying since 2013 to do something with Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" and finally succeeded. I can't tell you how many times I left this one behind because it just wasn't happening, then this morning it was like the sun rose and I was able to complete the remix and video in three hours! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, I was already on school vacation and listening to the radio on wake up and this came on and it defined the Summer of 1975 for me.

When I first heard the Doobie Brothers "What A Fool Believes" I thought that it resembled "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Steal Away" by Robbie Dupree was the second song I thought sounded like the Doobies and "Love Will Keep Us Together" because they all had a very similar piano riff playing. But Captain & Tennille got there first.

Toni Tennille was born Cathryn Antoinette Tennille on May 8, 1940 in Montgomery, Alabama. Her parents were already in show biz, mom Cathryn hosted a daily TV show and her father was a singer in Bob Crosby's Bob-Cats in addition to his day job as a member of the Alabama Legislature who owned his own furniture store. When the store went under, he moved the family to California where Toni took on administrative work for the Rockwell Corporation.

In the summer of 1971 she was in "Mother Earth" a musical she co wrote with Ron Thorson that was getting good reviews when they decided to move the production to San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre. Her keyboard player could not move with them and Daryl Dragon was recommended to her as he would usually be on tour with the Beach Boys, but was free to meet her for an interview.

Daryl Dragon was born August 27, 1942 into a musical family. His father was Carmen Dragon a conductor, composer and arranger. His younger brother Dennis formed The Dragons pop combo in the 60's and his godfather was the one and only Danny Thomas. He earned the nickname of Captain Keyboard from the Beach Boys with whom he toured with from 1967 to 1972. He began wearing a nautical captain's hat to reinforce the image and was of the tall, dark and quiet persuasion, a man of few words.

Upon meeting him, she felt that this man would be important in her life. She does not believe in love at first sight but she liked his keyboard skills and hired him. Once the production ended its run, Daryl hired Toni to work with him on the Beach Boy tours and she became the only female ever to do so. After the BB tour the duo settled down to work live gigs in Southern California.

Hired to work at The Smoke House restaurant in Encino, the owner also had a small studio 16 track in Burbank that he gave the pair access to make up for a shortfall in money. The duo recorded "The Way I Want To Touch You" and a Beach Boys original "Disney Girls" on their Butterscotch Castle label. The Captain & Tennille were seen by two DJ's in the San Fernando Valley who promised to play any music they were to release. They gave out copies of "The Way..." which started getting local airplay when it was picked up by Joyce Records.

They received four offers to sign and accepted A&M as they were the only label who would let them produce themselves. They were just about finished with the album when they realized they needed one more uptempo tune that would display Daryl's keyboard skills. Kip Cohen brought them Neil Sedaka's "Sedaka's Back" album that contained his big comeback hit "Laughter In The Rain" a #1 pop hit. The song he wanted them to hear was an album track called "Love Will Keep Us Together".

The duo knew this was the song that would be big and spent two weeks coming up with a new arrangement and when they played it for CEO's Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss who agreed it was a hit. Released as a single on April 19, 1974 and was #1 nine weeks later and won the Grammy for the Record Of The Year. They had a further chart accomplishment when they released a Spanish version of their hit charted in August 16, and is the only time two versions of a hit single were on the Hot100 in different languages by the same artist.

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